No More Violations: Syrian Army Shot Down An Israeli Drone Over The Golan


In a very unusual move, the Syrian army is systematically opening fire on Israeli flying objects over the strategic Golan Heights, days after it intercepted four Israeli combat jets in a CAS (Close Air Support) to rebel forces inside Syria. As a result, a Syrian military unit launched a salvo of S-200 Surface-to-Air missiles trying to deter the intruders.

Damascus claims it shot down at least one Israeli combat aircraft while Tel Aviv deny any loss. But it seems that some Syrian missiles pursued their targets deep inside Israel, triggering many anti missile defence systems. 

The incident angered the Israeli government and some extremist officials in Tel Aviv openly asked for the elimination of Syrian air defence system through an all-out military action. 

This time, a Syrian military outpost near Al-Qunaytera in the Golan shot down a small Israeli recon drone. It is not the first time an Israeli drone is shot down inside Syria. 

Israel and Syria are technically at war since 1973. One of the secret objectives of the ongoing Syrian conflict is to get rid of Syrian modest military capablities as the weakest point in what is perceived as Damascus-Tehran axis. 


5 réflexions sur « No More Violations: Syrian Army Shot Down An Israeli Drone Over The Golan »

  1. On voit bien que ce n’est pas la Syrie qui paye car dépenser des missiles S200 pour descendre un drone de reconnaissance n’est pas puissamment réfléchi.

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    1. j’espère que Netanyaou a bien pris conscience qu’en s’autorisant a intervenir en Syrie il relève les russes de leurs engagement de ne pas permettre aux syrien et aux iraniens d’utiliser les armements fournis par la Russie pour attaquer Israël !

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